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Blog : An Honest Letter to You and My Future Self

My first blog was back in 2010... I have learned a lot since then both professionally and personally. This world is a crazy place and blogging can be a daunting task. You are opening up a part of you to the world and saying judge me, love me, hate me, respect me or just let me be.  

I don't want this website to just be a journal, diary or blog but I would like the blog portion to be a mix of fun style finds, updates on relevant topics to what I do professionally and diverse happenings. I plan to include the occasional insightful post about things I am learning along the way. Life is not just about the beautiful things. It can be raw, inspiring and a candid swirl of chaos. We should all continue to learn and we need to consider ourselves forever students. Understanding that knowledge and having exposure to different places and spaces are what make us beautiful and unique.  

If at any point you see me drifting down a path that strays from my original mission - let me know. I vow to always be truthful and come from a place of love and compassion. Let's explore this commercialized, intriguing, mysterious world together!

Inspire me. I hope to inspire you... 

- Vanessa (PipelinePepper)

*This is subject to change but it will be used as a guide to continue the journey.

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