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PipelinePepper: Consulting Services + Collaborative, Writer Portfolio and Lifestyle blog by Vanessa Diaz 

Consultants: Expert(s) in a particular field who work(s) as an advisor either to a company or to another individual."

Why We Are Different: We freshen up your online and offline digital presence. Since we have a collective of experienced talent available for hire we do not pass along the overhead a traditional agency requires. 

What We Do: Website Branding, Social Media, Event Planning, Public Relations and more.  

Value of Consultants: Experience in being resourceful, knowledge, expertise with fresh ideas and flexibility. 

Benefit to Hiring a Consultants: We can take on a project and manage it from start to finish or be a supplement to your current team. 

What Makes a Good Consultant?: The passion for helping others and the drive to exceed expectations

Consultant | Philanthropist | Connector

As a California native, I have a deep love for created lifestyle aesthetic and true appreciation for natural beauty. I view life and work through those two lenses. Most of my wanderlust and intrigue center around many facets of lifestyle, fashion, and social causes. Branding, verbiage, curated and created images tell your story in a unique fashion. Let's tell yours! 


More than ten years of partnerships or in-house on national and local level campaigns or event initiatives have been the focus of Vanessa's career. In-house and boutique public relations or marketing firms

With a background in the marketing mix, fashion / retail and communications, Vanessa has a thorough understanding of the grit and grace it takes to stay relevant, resourceful and under budget. 

Focusing on helping businesses of all sizes in an array of strategic and visually appealing methods which translate into a better experience for the audience or customer.

I am certified in social media via HootSuite, Twitter, and Squarespace as a web developer. For more certifications, visit my LinkedIn.

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