Happy November - Stay Inspired!

Hi All,

Every month and every day for that matter should bring renewed positivity and a new chance for personal and professional growth. Easier said than done but hey - why not make it a daily and monthly goal. It is a daily battle for most but it's worth it!

Try and find out what inspires you and what makes you strive to be better. Consider that "you time." Here are a few positive ways to use social media. 

Get visually stimulated: I enjoy looking at and being inspired by creative images on Instagram accounts from artists, bloggers and photographers. Search hashtags related to what you are looking for. You can also explore posts in the search section of the mobile app.

Release your creativity: This varies person to person. I take up easy craft projects I find on Pinterest or I come up with projects using supplies I have. I also enjoy reusing items in my efforts to recycle and repurpose.

Laugh: Even if it is just a quick youtube video or meme. Find something that makes you laugh! 

Read: Positive and uplifting stories about amazing accomplishments from around the world or your local community. Touching articles are perfect material to read for inspiration. You may even get involved in a cause you didn't know you'd be so passionate about. 

Reminder: Social Media can be used for a lot of positive motivation and information, but it is important to note that many photos and often videos have been edited. Great photos or video can take several shots to create. It may look unedited but often created with the use of professionals and professional equipment. So although social media can be used for good be sure to get out of the house too! It is a new day! 

- Vanessa Colosio Diaz