Reasons to Make a Video

Why to Produce a Video for you or your company?

  • It builds rapport

  • Gets traffic

  • Makes sales

  • Encourages sales

  • Shows your personality / Company personality

  • Share Company branding

  • Demonstrate your reach

  • Increases customer loyalty

  • Engages site visitors

  • Versatility

  • Take clips of a longer video as a teaser across social channels

  • Advertising for you 24/7

Reasons for Video

Video Content Ideas

  • Testimonials / Success Stories

  • Customer Training Videos (for a product or service)

  • Events you create or are attending

  • Speaking engagements: if you are speaking seeing it on video will perform future speaking opportunities and you have footage for promotion

  • Website videos (Facebook live, YouTube etc.)

  • Reviews

  • Facility Tours (Real Estate properties, shopping / retail centers) with close ups and drones

  • Landing Page information

  • Support Materials

  • How to DIY Videos

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