Vogue Launches Professional Newsletter

Image via Vogue Business

Image via Vogue Business

We were served an Instagram ad for Vogue Business, today. Below you will find the email we received once we signed up. Because we just signed up for the newsletter service we do not have feedback but we wanted you to be aware of the new services in case it is helpful to you as well.

Welcome to Vogue Business, a publication for curious-minded fashion professionals. Twice a week, we’ll deliver forward-looking insights on the fashion, beauty and luxury industries directly to your inbox.

You’ll find:

  • Timely analysis of global economic currents, cultural movements and consumer trends, informed by insights from Condé Nast's network of editors and executives in 29 markets.

  • Forecasts on how new technologies will shape the way products are developed, marketed and sold.

  • An edit of the best culture, design and technology coverage across the web.

In addition to our newsletter, you can find us on voguebusiness.comInstagram and LinkedIn.

For more information about the goals of this new venture click here to read the full article from ADWEEK. Below you will find some of the highlights from the article.

Condé Nast International is launching a new digital title, Vogue Business, which will focus on the business of fashion and beauty as it intersects with other industries, like technology.

Vogue Business will operate independently of other Vogue titles and will be based in London overseen by Lauren Indvik. Indvik, previously editor in chief of fashionista.com, has most recently led the features and news team for Vogue brands from London.

The content will initially be free, but will cost consumers, at a price not yet determined, by the end of the year, Wolfgang Blau, president, Condé Nast International, told Adweek over email.

For now it will be a free service with an expected paywall to be in place by the end of the year.