Can You Do 10,000 double-unders in 30 days? RPM Training Co. 5th Annual 10K Challenge - Providing CrossFit to Underprivileged Youth

RPM Training Co. 5th Annual 10K Challenge to Benefit New Foundation, The Iron Compass Initiative, Providing CrossFit to Underprivileged Youth

The full press release, images, and the logo can be found here, via google drive.

UPDATE: Over 1 million jumps have been logged - If you haven’t given to the cause yet (functional training for underprivileged youth), you can do so anytime. Click Here


LOS ANGELES, CA, Sept. 1, 2018 — Each year, functional training brand, RPM Training Co.hosts a 10K Challenge, benefiting underprivileged youth. Last year thousands of people participated and logged nearly 5 million jumps. This overwhelming response led RPM to start a foundation called The Iron Compass Initiative. Participants have 30 days to complete 10,000 jump rope double-unders or a single bounce jumps through September 30.

The foundation will be funded through the 10K Challenge and will support programs that deliver free CrossFit and similar types of training to underprivileged youth. This type of training provides mentorship and guidance to youth, impacting their communities for years to come.

● The 5th Annual RPM Training Co. “10K Challenge” began September 1, 2018
● The objective of the 10K Challenge is to perform 10,000 jump rope double-unders (2 passes of the rope under the feet per jump). People can also choose to do single bounce
jumps as a scaled version of the Challenge.
● Money raised through the 10K Challenge will support The Iron Compass Initiative, a foundation created by RPM to provide assistance to programs that offer free functional
training (CrossFit) and other programs to underprivileged youth.

While the 10K Challenge is underway, participants will be able to log into their 10K dashboard on the RPM website where they will log their jumps, track progress, and even unlock deals from RPM and other brands in the space. Registration is free but small donations to the Iron Compass Initiative are encouraged. 100% of the proceeds from the 10K Challenge, as well as 100% of net sales of the official Iron Compass Initiative gear (tee shirts, hats, etc.), will be put towards the cause. Funds will be used for programs in various cities to buy much-needed equipment and pay coaches and their support staff. “These coaches and organizers are so amazing and creative, often donating their time and having the kids do things like kettlebell swings with their backpacks, but for the programs to survive and grow they’re going to need help,” says RPM co-
founder, Josh Rogers.

About RPM Training Co.
Founded in 2012, by two brothers, Josh and Shane Rogers, RPM Training Co. is a functional training brand focused on the intersection of training and action/outdoor sports. The company
mission is to inspire movement by creating quality products and apparel. They are designed to help athletes and adventurers everywhere improve performance and get more enjoyment out of the activities they love. RPM began with a plan to reinvent one of the oldest and most proven training tools: the jump rope. It is particularly well known in the CrossFit community for its
stylish, ultra-fast speed ropes. They also produce activewear, swimwear, and lifestyle apparel worn by athletes and influencers in the active space across the United States.


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