Our priority is opportunities for your business or cause to reach micro-influencers, media, and the community not to chase billable hours. 

Retainer Public Relations Los Angeles


Retainers for 3 - 6 months are industry standard. The consistency secures the most effective results. 

  • Relationship Development: Micro-influencer & Media Services
  • Long Lead Time Opportunities 
  • Reoccurring Service 

Best Results - Best Price

Fixed Project Pricing.jpg

Fixed Project

Pricing is fixed based on scope of work / estimated hours for a limited time.

  • Web Updates & Development
  • Graphics
  • Event Planning
  • Media Invites
  • Post Event Coverage

Custom Packages Available


A La Carte

Similar to a fixed project his is a perfect fit to add additional services to retainer or for a one off needs.

  • Media Pitching
  • Media Lists 
  • Press Release 
  • Consultations

Get Your Feet Wet