Before And After Images (San Fran Style Home)

Some often wonder when searching the internet - how did that person take the photo, or I wish they could take a photo like that so they pour over article after article suggesting apps but rarley show the actual transition of an image. Here you are, step by step.

The first image is the original. It is pretty in its own right, a hint of a tree and nice home architecturally reminiscent of a home in San Francisco, less than a mile from the beach near Los Angeles. The sun was setting so you can see a lot of yellow on the right side of the image, that is the side that faced the ocean. 

1. Using the filters option in the mobile app A Color Story I chose the Jelly Bean filter in the Candy Minimal package (the Candy Minimal package is an extra fee on top of that from A Color Story app but worth the few extra dollars if a pop of color suits your photo style) 

2. I chose Jelly Bean because it added an extra oomph to the image without losing color in the sky, in fact, the filter it enhanced the color. I did like it but felt it was a bit to yellow from the sun so I saved it and took the photo to my next favorite app, Snapseed (Google product). 

3. Once in Snapseed, I went to their newer editing tool White Balance. I added more blue by scrolling to the left after selecting White Balance in the tools and hit save. Done

4. I then decided on hashtags to use, uploaded and submitted my hashtags

Have you tried A Color Story or Snapseed? What are your thoughts on these apps?

- Vanessa Colosio Diaz