Before And After Images: How We Did It

If you follow me on Instagram you may see an occasional beach image or something colorful and wonder how I got the image to pop? The before image may surprise you. 

I'll give you a minute to scroll down. Surprising right!?!

How did I edit these images? Mine, like many other images on social media, are re-touched, edited or at minimum filtered, with the intent to make them more memorable. 

Using judgement of what will be appealing, brighter and beautiful with the mobile applications like Snapseed and A Color Story make edits on the go possible.    

Snapseed: With this app you can edit individual elements and brighten images but it does take more time to edit these elements.

A Color Story: The photo package upgrades are worth it and it has many more filters than the Instagram app. It is also great for an artistic take, for instance add a color fog when appropriate. When used correctly the color fog images receive great engagement. If you do not know what the color fog is, trust me, you should try it. For more on Color Fog images and when to use them, stay tuned.

Happy snapping!  If you like taking photos but need them edited,  or you need someone to take the images and edit them, contact me

* This is not a sponsord ad for Snapseed or A Color Story ☀️

- Vanessa Colosio Diaz