DACA Recipients Rights and Resources

We as a consulting and creative services company, stand with DACA and all of the LatinX non-profits and brands that support DACA.

Read HOPE’s statement for #DACA resources and learn what you can do to help today.



Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) stands in solidarity with the 800,000 young people including numerous Latinas we advocate on behalf of every day who will be impacted by the federal government's decision to phase out and eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program. This is a devastating blow to our community, to children and young people who have only known the United States as home and have grown up as Americans.

The White House's move to eliminate DACA endangers our economy and our democracy. Hundreds of thousands of families are at risk of being torn apart through deportation and 1.5 billion dollars in annual tax revenue stand to be lost. People on both sides of the aisle overwhelmingly stand behind the DACA program, including 80% of Democrats and 70% of Republicans registered to vote. This decision is immoral and economically unsound.

There is a six-month window for congress to act and save this policy. The fight to protect the rights of our fellow 220,000 Californians with DACA status has just begun and there are steps that you can take today to stand up for what is right.


  • Call your elected representative and urge them to support legislative remedies that will preserve DACA and protect it from Executive action.
  • Keep track of the Dream Act of 2017 (S. 1615 (Graham R-SC), H.R. 3440 (Roybal-Allard D-CA) as introduced. The dream Act of 2017 authorizes the cancellation of removal and adjustment of status for individuals who are long-term U.S. residents and enter the U.S. as children. These bills could be amended in the coming weeks and months and it will take our collective voices to ensure that DREAMers and their families are protected.


HOPE wants to remind DACA recipients and their families of their rights and resources available to them.

  • Employers cannot fire you before your DACA status expires;
  • An employer cannot ask you about your DACA status;
  • Your Social Security number is yours for life, regardless of your documentation status or the existence of the DACA program;
  • Your work permit is still active until it expires;
  • If you are outside the country on Advance Parole make sure to return right away.
  • NEW APPLICANTS: The administration will stop considering new applications for legal status dated after Tuesday, September 5, 2017. 
  • RENEWALS: DACA recipients with a permit set to expire before March 5, 2018 have the opportunity to apply for a two-year renewal but must do so by October 5, 2017.


HOPE is committed to advocating on behalf of the 800,000 young Americans deserving of equal opportunity and a pathway to citizenship . We will not back down from this fight and we stand by you. 

With HOPE and solidarity,

Helen I. Torres
Executive Director & CEO

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